Privacy Policy

CasinosData respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. This Privacy Policy provides detailed information for those concerned about the security of personal data on the Internet.

Here you can find detailed references to the procedures and standards adopted by our service regarding collecting, using, and disclosing users’ personal data. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy carefully in order to gain an accurate understanding of your privacy rights when using our web resources. Here you will learn how these rights are protected by law as well.

Types of Data Collected

If you use the services of CasinosData, we will collect some personal data from you. Even if a user visits our site without registering, we still have the right to collect non-identifiable information. We make sure that the information cannot be used to personally identify anyone.

Such non-personal information includes cookies that contain data about the time of visit, the choice of the language of the pages, the browser used, the operating system of your device, and other software. These technical data go a long way in helping us provide visitors with a better user experience by customizing interfaces.

CasinosData may also collect non-identifiable information related to your activity on the site. This category includes data about visited pages, clicks, actions, etc. The collection and analysis of this information help us understand the visitors of the resource to provide them with relevant services in the future.

A particular type of data collected is personal information, namely information that, under certain conditions, may identify an individual. Such information includes the following items:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Postal address, etc.

Information about the device from which you are logged in, and your Internet connection (including IP address) may be added to the collected data. Another tool for working with user data is web beacons. These are pixel tags (clear GIFs) embedded in newsletter emails, web pages, and other software products. A company requires web beacons primarily to collect quantitative data (number of emails opened or visitors to a particular page, etc.).

You may receive a request to provide personal information from CasinosData when subscribing to our newsletters, leaving comments, and registering on our resources.

Why Do We Use the Information We Collect

CasinosData undertakes to use your data only in case it is not prohibited by law. Here are the main cases in which it is necessary:

  1. If the legitimate interests of CasinosData require it (provided that it does not violate your fundamental rights and interests).
  2. If CasinosData has received specific permission from you to process personal information. It is required to subscribe to receive marketing materials. You reserve the right to unsubscribe from mailing lists at any time.

The Privacy Policy regarding personal information strictly complies with the requirements of the law. Here are the purposes for which we can use it:

  • To support feedback.
  • To provide prompt notification of problems and their elimination.
  • To notify about the project news.
  • To convey information about your membership status.
  • To provide our services.

We collect anonymous non-personal information for analytical purposes, particularly, to make the site adjusted to suit your requests and needs and to test the updates as well.

How Is Your Information Kept Safe?

CasinosData follows industry-required procedures and policies to maintain the security of our resources and customers personal data. In particular, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology is used to protect private information.

Since we operate in multiple international markets, it is theoretically possible for a user’s personal information to be transferred to other countries. These regions may have different safety standards. We will only transfer personal data to equipment located in countries with a reasonable level of cybersecurity regulation.

There are several key reasons why you can confide your data to CasinosData:

  1. We do not request or store information about your bank cards, or electronic wallets.
  2. We perform standard scans to detect potentially malicious software.
  3. We do not use the PCI standard.

Visitor data is sent to secure networks, access to which is limited. It can only be obtained by specialists and third parties bound by the obligation to preserve the confidentiality of users’ personal information.

How We Use Cookies

CasinosData supports the cookie function. This technology works like that: small pieces of information are stored on the user’s device or browser that record certain moments in your browser history. Thanks to the content accumulated in them, the site will already be adapted to your preferences during the subsequent visits. You can choose to turn off all cookies if you do not want your previous sessions to affect future visits.

However, we do not recommend rushing with this decision since we need enabled cookies to:

  • provide you with the most comfortable options for interacting with the site (selection based on traffic analysis);
  • work on ads to display the most exciting offers for you.

Disabling cookies creates the risk that some functions of the web resource may not work correctly or not be displayed at all. If desired, you can quickly delete the accumulated files through the system settings in the browser.

To provide you with the most enjoyable user experience, CasinosData may use several types of files:

  • Session cookies are saved from the moment you enter the site and deleted as soon as you close your browser. They aim to capture the user’s selections on previous pages to provide an easy return.
  • Persistent cookies remain in the browser’s memory during the session (unless a user deletes it themselves).
  • Performance cookies keep a record of site visitors and track transitions between pages. The information obtained helps to understand the site visitor’s preferences better to make it easier for him to find the necessary information later. The collection is anonymous; its results are used only to improve the operation of the web resource.
  • Targeting or advertising cookies focus on working with online identifiers, so their goal is to customize the display of advertising content based on your browsing history. Due to this, you will encounter a minimum of banners and links that do not match your interests.

Apart from cookies, widgets and other add-ons can be added to the interfaces, the tasks of which, among other things, include collecting anonymized data.

Operators place provider cookies on the initiative of CasinosData. Another option is possible, when cookies from third-party providers are used.

The Deletion or Modification of Personal Data

You can request the deletion of your account and the personal information attached at any time. If manual removal is not available, contact support. Please note that some information may not be deleted unless you indicate otherwise at the time of the request. The retention period after that depends on the information volume, nature, and level of confidentiality.

Some information may not be available for deletion if legal obligations (or legal grounds protecting the position of CasinosData) prevent this.

You can make changes and rectify incorrectly entered data. You can unsubscribe from advertising and information mailings at any time as well. CasinosData also reserves the right for you to request the following:

  • export,
  • provision of access,
  • restriction of personal information processing.

In addition, a user is entitled to revoke their consent and object to processing his data.

NOTE: the standard procedure for providing access to personal data does not involve payment.

Terms of Receiving a Response when Contacting the Support Service

We try to complete the processing of requests regarding the Privacy Policy and access to personal data within one month after the request. If this timeframe appears unrealistic, we will notify you in advance. The main reason for delays in receiving a response is the complexity of the request. Moreover, the fact that the client created several requests at once may slow down the process.

What Types of Information Can Be Requested?

The security services of our project have the right to ask you to provide information confirming your identity. It is necessary to prevent a person who is not related to you from getting access to critical data. This measure also applies in other cases concerning the exercise of any other rights by the client. In particular, an employee of CasinosData may ask for your personal data if you contact us with a request. By providing them, you will significantly reduce the response time.

Restrictions on the Transfer of Information to Third Parties

The information in the site’s databases is not subject to exchange, sale, or free transfer to third parties. The only exceptions are the cases when visitors are warned about such actions in advance.

This rule does not apply to cooperation with partners on:

  • placement on Internet resources;
  • project management;
  • provision of services to clients of the site.

Please note that personal information is provided to third parties under the terms of maintaining confidentiality.

There are also exceptions to the transfer of personal data, justified by the requirements of the law and the internal rules of CasinosData. Moreover, the basis for disclosing confidential information is the necessity to protect the rights, security, and property of our project or other participating parties.

NOTE: restrictions do not apply to the transfer of anonymized data, which cannot be used to determine the user’s identity. Therefore, they may be used by third parties for advertising and marketing purposes. A particular case is the sale of a project or part of it when the stored personal data will become the responsibility of the buyer company. It assumes the rights and obligations outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Why CasinosData Might Ask for Your Email?

We ask you to provide an email address to be able to send you various information and provide targeted assistance upon receipt of a request. It should be noted that anti-spam laws (such as CANSPAM) impose severe restrictions on commercial emails, going beyond which is punished by blocking. Therefore, we support the following email management principles:

  1. The email is marked as promotional in an understandable and acceptable way.
  2. Unsubscribe requests are processed without significant delays.
  3. Each email should include a link that lets you quickly unsubscribe when you click on it.
  4. Third-party services that are advertising partners must be reviewed for eligibility.
  5. The subject indicated in the letter should not significantly differ from its actual content.

Subscribers can opt out of receiving further mailings at any time.

Links to External Resources

On our website with online casino reviews, you may see recommendations for services and products that are not related to the project, called third-party services. Within them, accordingly, other Privacy Policies may apply. CasinosData is not responsible for the services or the quality of the way these sites store personal data. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you carefully check the Terms and Conditions of each site you visit.

Protection of Minors

CasinosData contains promotional and informational materials about gambling platforms. This content is not intended for persons under 18 (or other legal age of majority in your country). If you are under 18, you should not use the Services nor provide any personal information to us.

If you are a parent or a guardian of a minor who has visited our websites and left personal information on them, please contact us. In such cases, we ask that you notify us of this fact. After receiving such a signal, our services will delete a minor’s personal data from the project server.

Principles of Fair Information Practice

The Principles of Fair Use of Information take a special place in regulating the collection and processing of data. They have significantly impacted the legislative framework in this area at the level of the around the world. Therefore, we make sure that the work of our project with gambling operators does not contradict the basic provisions of these principles.

According to them, the CasinosData service is ready to notify you in the event of a data leak within 14 days of discovering a problem. The corresponding notification will be sent to the email specified during registration or subscription (or in any other available way).

Updates to the Privacy Policy

Changes may be made to the current version of the Personal Data Processing Policy from time to time. We notify our visitors of any changes by posting a new document version on this page. The date of the last update is also indicated in the text of the current version of the Privacy Policy.

If you are subscribed to the mailing list, a message about a planned update will be delivered to your email address or in any other available way in advance.

Complaints about Non-Compliance with the Privacy Policy

If you believe there have been violations on our part respecting the principles enshrined in the current Privacy Policy, please contact the support service directly at the official email address. We recommend that you take the same measures if you suspect that the CasinosData services have committed abuses regarding using your data (or in providing services).

For our part, we declare that we are making the necessary efforts to counter leaks of personal information. If there are indications that security has been compromised, we will report it to the appropriate regulatory authorities.

Agree to the Terms of the Privacy Policy

We consider it necessary to notify you that when using our resources, by default, you give your consent for the current version of the Privacy Policy. If you find its provisions unacceptable, we ask you to stop using the CasinosData website and our other services, options, and products. We inform you that continuation of the visit will imply the acceptance of the Privacy Policy.